Archaeology Webinar – The People of the Sun: Origins of the Aztecs

Join us for a special story, told by acclaimed archeologist and tour guide Albert Coffee. It is a story of time and place, a mixture of history and legend, of myth and mystery. It is a tale of inspiration which has led to Mexico’s present day national identity, one that shares universal concepts and sheds light upon present day concerns.

Looking to the past and touching upon elements of art and culture, Albert links Mexico’s past and present, searching for an understanding of its place in the future. Please join us for a unique experience and a chance to hear a story that most have never heard.

Presented by: Albert Coffee

Albert Coffee is an archaeologist and federally licensed tour guide who has participated in excavation and ethnographical studies in the areas near and around San Miguel de Allende. His passion is sharing what he has learned through tours that he gives to the Cañada de la Virgen archaeological site and other sites in the state of Guanajuato and throughout Mexico. To date, he has taken over 20,000 guests on a journey through time at the Cañada de la Virgen.

The famous Cañada de la Virgen, located just outside San Miguel de Allende

Register for the two part zoom webinar:

Part One: Thursday, July 30th 5-6:30pm CST / Mexico City, register here
Part Two: Thursday, August 6th 5-6:30pm CST / Mexico City, register here

Proceeds for this two-part webinar series go to:

  • Support additional historical research
  • Rescue of legends and wisdom of the elders of the nearby rural, indigenous communities
  • Provide aid to transport and support staff who have been out of work due to the Covid 19 contingency

A suggested $10 donation for each part is welcomed, though participants are asked to donate what they feel the presentation is worth. That can be made here via PayPal.

Special thanks to Language Adventure Pros for co-hosting this presentation.

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