Albert's Archaeoblog

Archaeology Webinar – The People of the Sun: Origins of the Aztecs

Join us for a special story, told by acclaimed archeologist and tour guide Albert Coffee. It is a story of time and place, a mixture of history and legend, of myth and mystery. It is a tale of inspiration which has led to Mexico’s present day national identity, one that shares universal concepts and sheds […]

Archaeology Webinar: Pre-Hispanic History of San Miguel de Allende and Surrounding Areas

Part two was held June 8th at 5pm. Contact us if you weren’t able to attend or have suggestions for upcoming presentations! Did you know? San Miguel is famous for more than its agreeable climate, luxury accommodations and fine dining? Once thought to be on the fringes or even outside of the cultural realm of […]

Path of the Feathered Serpent – Cacaxtla, Xochitécatl, Cholula

Day 1 We just returned from an immersive journey into the heart of archaeological Mesoamerica! A seven-day adventure, it was a truly unique experience digging into the pre-Hispanic history of Mexico.  I, my driver Daniel and five travelers left San Miguel the morning of Monday, May 4th and headed out towards our first destination, the magical […]

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