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One of Mexico’s best-kept secrets, the Cañada de la Virgen archaeological zone has only been open to the public since February of 2011. Since then, Albert Coffee has taken over 6000 people on his academic-level introduction to the pre-Hispanic history of Mexico through visits to the site which he was invited to help excavate. The site itself is a true testament to the mathematical, astronomical and architectural genius acquired over thousands of years by its builders and their ancestors. The House of the Thirteen Heavens, the House of the Longest Night and the House of the Wind are three of the main structures. Occupied between 540 and 1050 A.D., they served as ceremonial spaces, elite residences, burial grounds and time keeping instruments that are aligned precisely to the movements of the celestial bodies. The site was also a pilgrimage destination for common people who brought in tribute to the elite astronomer priests who lived and died there and used the place as a refuge, an observatory and possibly even an astronomy school. Don’t miss this most informative, accurate and well-presented tour of the site.

1 review for Cañada de la Virgen Tour

  1. erik

    Fabulous tour! Don’t miss it!

    Erik Reinecke

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